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massage therapy

Massage Therapy



Remedial Massage

$25 (15 min); $35 (0.5hr) $45 (45min) $60 (1hr); $110 (1.5 hrs) @ Caboolture Studio

$85 (45 min); $110 (60 min); $165 (1.5 hrs) Mobile service

Remedial Massage therapy treats the whole body in a holistic way and works to locate the original cause of your discomfort, healing both the cause and symptoms of the disorder. Increase the blood circulation, increased oxygen and nutrients being available to the tissue to help it repair, remove toxins, increased muscle suppleness and joint flexibility, decreased tension, calming of the nervous system and stimulation of the body’s natural healing abilities. 

Pregnancy Massage

$35 (0.5hr);  $60 (1hr) @ Caboolture Studio

There are many benefits to massage therapy during pregnancy including relieving muscle spasms and cramps, and back pain, reducing stress and tension on weight bearing joints & musculoskeletal structures, increase blood flow and lymphatic circulation, reduce oedema (swelling) and cellular respiration, prepares muscles for delivery. 


Relaxation (Swedish) Massage

$25 (15 min); $35 (0.5hr); $45 (45min); $60 (1hr); $110 (1.5 hrs) @ Caboolture Studio

$85 (45 min); $110 (60 min); $165 (1.5 hrs) Mobile service

Swedish massage is the most common technique of massage and is designed to relax the entire body. Swedish massage helps to increase the level of oxygen in the blood, helping to decrease muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing away the tension within your body.






Revive Package $150.00

3 x 60 min Massages @Caboolture Studio

Rejuvinate Package $165.00

3 x 60 min Massages @Caboolture Studio

+ Linseed eye bag & Jar of Coconut Coffee Scrub. 

Animal & Owner Indulgence Package $110.00 

Mobile Massage @ your location.
Owner will receive a 45 min massage session.
The Cat or Dog will receive a 30 min body work session.

Pure Indulgence Package $250.00

5 x 60 min Massages @Caboolture Studio 

Heavenly Indulgence Package $265.00

5 x 60 min Massages @ Caboolture Studio

+ Linseed eye bag & Jar of Coconut Coffee Scrub 



Coconut Coffee Scrub

A natural coconut oil & African coffee body scrub. 100ml.

What Our Customers Say


“Karen from KR Custom Services has solved all of my heat pack and sewing needs. She custom makes heat packs to my requirements that are the right size and weight for me. She is super creative and open to new ideas with my sewing requests. She offers a personalised service that is friendly, fast and reliable. KR is my go to for anything that is put in the too hard basket. ”


“KR Custom Services has been able to provide me with nothing less than amazing service each and every time. I purchased a heat pack from Karen and have ended up buying more just to give to family and friends as gifts. I have received massages on a monthly basis for back pain and walk away feeling amazing and relaxed. I normally feel quite uncomfortable in massage places but Karen is great as she explains what she is doing and gives me pointers on how to stop the knots and back pain. I would highly recommend KR Custom Services to my family and friends.”


“KR Custom Services has been amazing at working with me to develop and create items to make my life with triplet babies much easier. Karen is always happy to work within my budget to meet my needs, and the finished products are always very good quality, and done in a reasonably quick time frame. She’s also willing to do research and branch into other areas to help make her products and services better suited to my needs. Karen is friendly, easy to work with, and has a very high standard.10/10 would recommend.”


“Karen @ KR Custom Services is an absolute treasure. Her knowledge and dedication to catering to my individual needs and preferences has made her an invaluable part of keeping my body moving. Always with a friendly smile and relaxing atmosphere makes it easy to unwind and de-stress. Thank you for taking such great care of me, look forward to our next appointment.”